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Exploring Talent interviews all functions of C Level executives ranging from CEO, COO, CHRO, CFO, CSO to Board Members in their profession to share their insights and advice for the benefit you, regardless of your profession.

Whether you are approaching the VP level or about to reach the C suite, hear from leaders who completed the same journey as they share their experiences and lessons learned so you can apply them to your career. You’ll even hear from an Astronaut or two.

Oct 15, 2020

Patricia Elias has a unique title at ServiceSource: Chief Legal and People Officer. She joins the show today to talk about how she came to take on the HR role, the unique event that brought her to ServiceSource and a key realization about this very moment in her career.



Patricia Elias started as...

Oct 6, 2020

Leslie has worked in financial services, engineering, Energy, ski industry, health care, and technology and today she joins the show to talk about starting a new role on the eve of a national lockdown and crisis, how she leverages her experience in different sectors and the impact of authenticity on executive...